What is ARES?

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) is a program that utilizes the skills and resources of amateur radio operators to provide communications support during emergencies and disasters. ARES members are trained to provide reliable and efficient communications for government agencies, hospitals, and other organizations that may need assistance during times of crisis.

In Santa Rosa County, our ARES program is an integral part of the emergency response system. When activated, ARES volunteers work closely with local emergency management agencies to provide critical communications support during disasters and other emergencies. This may include providing emergency messaging, assisting with the activation of emergency shelters, and supporting other emergency communications needs.

If you are an amateur radio operator and want to make a difference in your community by supporting emergency communications, we encourage you to learn more about ARES and consider joining our team. By becoming an ARES member, you can help ensure that reliable and efficient communications are available when they are needed most.