Special Event Support

Our volunteers are always happy to lend a helping hand and provide support at community events. Whether it’s through exercising our skills in organization, communication, and teamwork or setting up an information booth to distribute emergency preparedness information, we are here to serve. While our volunteers can be used to augment first responders for things like traffic direction and communications, please note that we are not a substitute for Sheriff’s department personnel, EMTs, or paramedics and can only assist when asked to do so.

If you are planning an event and would like to request our assistance, please submit your request at least one month in advance. As much as we would like to, we cannot commit to every request due to the busy schedules of our volunteers. Prior planning is essential, and the farther in advance you submit your request, the more time we have to organize the necessary personnel and create a solid operations plan.

Please note that our support is primarily for events hosted on Santa Rosa County streets, parks and facilities. We generally do not support “for profit” events that are held on private property or public businesses.

Please click here to submit your event support request. Thank you for considering Santa Rosa County Citizen Corps for your event needs.