ARES Leadership

We want to sincerely thank those who have volunteered to hold a role within our team at Santa Rosa County. Your dedication and support of the SRC Department of Emergency Management and the citizens of Santa Rosa County is greatly appreciated!

Arc J. Thames – W4CPDEmergency Coordinator
[email protected]
Hamshack Hotline – 50195
Ray Crepeau – K1HGAssistant Emergency Coordinator-Testing
[email protected]
Daisy Crepeau – KT4KWAssistant Emergency Coordinator-Testing
[email protected]
Jon Holladay – KM4QQOAssistant Emergency Coordinator-Logistics Section
[email protected]
Alan Sellers – KW4MOAssistant Emergency Coordinator-Planning Section
[email protected]
Steve VanDenAkker – W4SJVAssistant Emergency Coordinator-Operations
[email protected]


  • Emergency Coordinator
    • The ARRL Emergency Coordinator is the person responsible for the ARES group at the local level. Working with local community officials, the Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC), and other field appointees, the EC leads his or her local ARES group through the planning, preparedness, and response phases.
  • Assistant Emergency Coordinator
    • AECs are selected and appointed by the EC. Each EC may have as many AECs as required to effectively manage the ARES unit. Possible duties of an AEC will be discussed in the following chapter. The AEC is strictly a local appointment, sometimes made on an ad hoc basis, and, consequently, does not require ARRL membership or SM/SEC approval, or notification to ARRL HQ.